Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Opinion,

Im very proud that Barack Obama was elected president,
the electoral came down to 358 for Obama and 155 for McCain...
dont you think that says a lot?
I dont think it is fair for people to call themselves loyal Americans if they don't accept the president, who are u? and the fact America is known as the melting pot... Obama is the perfect icon for this concept, he is honestly a major role model for the american citizens, and the WORLD citizens. I think everyone should feel honored for America to have come this far.

and on the other hand there has been much discussion over the approval of Prop 8 in California.
Honestly there are so many sides but people are missing facts about the real basis of the issue. The reason it shouldn't be approved is because if gay couples were recognized as a married couple then if one of the spouses were to decease the other would inherent thier fortune, instead of now the state owns all the property if the spouse has left no will. 
Though, there is a valid point for it to be approved. The catholic Priests recognize marriage as between a man and a woman. These people live strictly according to the bible. To impose this law would MAKE them have to marry a gay couple even though it goes against thier religion. If the Priest was to refuse, the gay couple could immediately sew the church and most likely win the case...
There are so many sides to the story, but I honestly feel it would have been appropriate to disapprove prop 8 due to the world we live in today, though i know others would disagree.

Daily Dosage approved.

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