Thursday, December 4, 2008

1st stop this weekend,

This new hotspot, is the indie version of Fred Segal. its on the path to being  the fist stop on every saturday shopping outing.
Basically its a retail experience that evolved from urban outfitters. In the urban store at 15 twenty they will be rotating new design collections each month making it a whole different shopping experience from the other stores.
The maja new stops to look into currently at 15 twenty are:
Alife... a magnetic new sneaker store.
What Comes Around Goes Around...The nifty boutique
Hennessey + Ingalls...the "must go to" art and architect book store.
We the Free...In other words FREE PEOPLE
Snack Bar (litterally a snack shop)
Samantha Pleet...The dolly gone grunge spin off store.
&& Hope Gallery
I'm goin' to saturday, aren't you?


Monday, November 17, 2008


Indie 103.1 presents... WRECK THE HALLS.


Friday, November 14, 2008

Who shot who in the what NOW?

According to an exclusive source someone is dying on gossip girl this season, guess who!
thats just it, it isnt exactly clear. Though predicted from the KTLA News cast, either Rufus Humphrey, Eric Vanderwoodsen, Bart Bass, or Chuck Bass. I REPEAT THIS IS A PREDICTION.
Oh, you bet were hoping sassy Mr. Bass ain't goin no where.  
Though, i sure am crossing my fingers little Jenny Humphrey is goin M.I.A

Daily Dose Served.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I like, ART.

Its about mixing the human mind in art. each collage portrays the actually essence of the person in that picture, it was the idea behind the new comer artist. something new to look at! contact the artist at if your interested in her creating a piece for you!

-Jessi Jae Joplin "The life of the city"

-Jessi Jae Joplin- "Live it out"

-Kelsey Farrer-"Wildflower"

-Kyla Rae- "Change"

Get the Daily message?

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Opinion,

Im very proud that Barack Obama was elected president,
the electoral came down to 358 for Obama and 155 for McCain...
dont you think that says a lot?
I dont think it is fair for people to call themselves loyal Americans if they don't accept the president, who are u? and the fact America is known as the melting pot... Obama is the perfect icon for this concept, he is honestly a major role model for the american citizens, and the WORLD citizens. I think everyone should feel honored for America to have come this far.

and on the other hand there has been much discussion over the approval of Prop 8 in California.
Honestly there are so many sides but people are missing facts about the real basis of the issue. The reason it shouldn't be approved is because if gay couples were recognized as a married couple then if one of the spouses were to decease the other would inherent thier fortune, instead of now the state owns all the property if the spouse has left no will. 
Though, there is a valid point for it to be approved. The catholic Priests recognize marriage as between a man and a woman. These people live strictly according to the bible. To impose this law would MAKE them have to marry a gay couple even though it goes against thier religion. If the Priest was to refuse, the gay couple could immediately sew the church and most likely win the case...
There are so many sides to the story, but I honestly feel it would have been appropriate to disapprove prop 8 due to the world we live in today, though i know others would disagree.

Daily Dosage approved.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Because I care,

OBAMA Pictures, Images and Photos

Get out and VOTE... make the difference.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

You didnt have to make it!

So the raves from the recent Hard Haunted Mansion were pretty high, from a number of sources some of the best performances were Simian Mobile Disco, Crookers, and Boys Noize.
So consider downloading some of their music.!

You don't have to feel totally bummed if u missed it...


Daily Dose Served...

Monday, October 27, 2008

What i like,

Colored Tights,
Not exactly something new, but something that i need to see more on all you people.
As seen in Paris:




Another major trend i saw in the one and only Paris,
People wore it casual and dressy. Treat it like a layer.
Rabit is the most unexpensive and it gets the point across!
Dont be affraid, just flaunt it!
Add it to any outfit, and it adds the zest of tres chic!

Did that fufill your daily dose?


Easy costumes to make from your own closet!
Everyone knows the package costumes are way over done, who wants to be flamin' fire girl?
Here are some costumes i contemplated on!

  1. Conductor! All Aboard this easy trendy outfit, will leave people laughing! Takes a conductory hat, suspendars, highwaisted shorts, a button up blouse and boots!
  2. Army Girl! Green twill camo skirt! button up blouse (lace?)  camo army hat! fishnets! and combat boots!
  3. Ballerina! AA Leotard, quirky tutu, or ice skater skirt! funky colored tights, and ballet flats!
  4. Futuristic! Tons of sequence and metallic! AA has got the metallic, check out a vintage store for cheesy 80's sequence.
  5. Grandma! Search for an old dress grandma-ish. or vintage stores are easy access to the look.
  6. Beach barbie! Bathing suite and some type of surrang, flower in the hair?
  7. Model! Look in the back of that closet, and get the most extravagant dress in thier, think ballroom. put on the cherry red lipstick and add a misty look to your eyes, and slick back your hair into a chic bun, and voila!
  8. Jungle animal! get out that cheetah crap and flaunt it!
  9. Walk of Shame! haha, its original! wear a cute night gown/ lingerie dress. and throw on some heels, tease the hair and throw on some cute jewlery. or a mens oversived shirt is acceptable.
  10. Around the world! Try to make a cute outfit out of different things in your closet that look ethnic from around the globe.
  11. Nerd! high waisted shorts, colored tights, cons or vans. funky cheesy printed shirt, suspenders, and glasses! add high pigtails for effect!
  12. Spider mistress! Sexy black dress, and intense make up. heels and fishnets!



think of this as daily dose accomplished!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Back from Paris,
so inspired!
Will give the complete update

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marc By Marc Mens

This is the first time i have covered mens, and i find this to be a fun begining...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dont forget Mini-Me aka, Marc by Marc Jacobs!

Basically, I love all of his work. Here are my faves from the Marc by Marc Fall Fashion show!


The Ultimate Marc Jacobs Junkie!

Obviously, Marc Jacobs is my favorite. And here is what caught my special attention on the 2008 Fall Runway:

Featured by Marc Jacobs, the look inspires you can wear a basic jersey shirt, with an overly glam high rised skirt, (preferably long, its fall) Add bangles and big necklaces... and presto glamo!

Motor cycle jacket turned shortened and patterned, the zips stole me.
Long skirt + blouse= a look.

Mens shirt turned dress, ultimate classic... not seen enough! High boot wide belt... please invest in that look?

I love you cute peti-coat...Pipelining + Floral= Genius!

Dearest majesty, jump into my shopping bag why don't you?

Here are some faves : ) Consider Daily Dosage Served.

Chanel Die Hard.

Always and forever praise the Chanel, Learn and examine whats in tune as feautured on the runway,




What im seeing:
  • Wool coats that are the length of your dress, a little bit less, or even more. These coats aren't exactly solid, though provide a zap of a pattern, yet not bright or hypnotizing...just right.
  • Next are wool dresses; Its not really ideal to wear a wool dress, though its the shape were looking at. The Millitary uniform inspired collar with a relaxed or "puffed sleeve." P.S Pockets are fun. : )
  • On the third row starting from number 1, its the draped relaxed boho look made couture. In love. But what caught my attention most was the elastic hold at the end leaved a feminine touch.
  • 2nd look on the third row: MY FAVORITE! i love fur, (ofcourse faux fur) but Chanel would never be that weak to be faux. I love how they added the fur to the lengthened military style jacket. Yes, the look has been issued before, but this time it was played with a cool patterned fur, and a royal blue jacket...YUMM. 
  • Look #4 on the third row: Attack of the two tiered dress, this dress exposes two layers, its been on all the run ways, i think we finally take a shot at it.
  • Ofcourse the fourth row takes away the show with the grunge made couture draping, makes a dramatic twist to everything. Not to mention the girly lace sets the perfect tone...
I could write about Chanel all day... but ill leave it up to you to be inspired...

Oh and smell the Chloe Fall Fashion

Im inlove, these ready to wear styles are more than the must see, they are the must have...
Hope you melt like i did.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Fall essentials

In the case of fall we think of dark colors, and layering up.
Well here is a new way to look up to date and warm!

Now at
urban outfitters you can find the ultimate fall sweaters!
Get em' while they are hott!

Next essential= SOCKS AND BOOTS!
Colorful patterned above the knee socks (colors are in respect to fall,) That go past a tall  or short boot!


Hello Fall Denim,

Its time to pack up those shorts and head towards the shops to pick out stylish denim as a replacement, here are some favorites:

Friday, August 29, 2008

Concert of the summer!

Radiohead Definately made it to the top of my list,
it was definately a concert you didn't want to take one bathroom break.
the pit was "star-studded" meaning many famous faces were scene also enjoying the music.
Besides the impecible music, the visuals of the concert were completely incredible.
Here are some pictures from the concert...






Thursday, August 21, 2008

L.A'S Hidden Hotspot at its finest

Located in the heart of Downtown
Shareens vintage, its the total dress shop!
The perfect place to find the ultimate party dress!
Everything is cute and vintage, some reworked vintage, and mostly under 50$
Come and get it!

Location: 350 N AVE 21
                  LOS ANGELES CA 90031
                  (323) 276-6226 Store
                  (323) 276-6262 Fax

hours: open every Wednesday
             and Saturday from 10-5. Sundays from 12-6