Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dying Over TOPSHOP

I know, I know that your probably putting on your most glisty glam outfit for the New Years festivities but just take a moment and look into 2010's hottest looks predicted by our faves... TOPSHOP.

Love, Daily Dose for the New Year.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Party for Three

Private Party
Featuring the only one who would have a party for three: Lindsay Lohan
MUSE, the Fashionart Magazine from Milan shot and video by Yu Tsai, featuring Lindsay Lohan, Madonna dancer Sofia Boutella and the Ford models Petey Wright. Inspired by Kate Moss.

-Daily lovin.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


1.This guy rocks the leather jacket and some cool combat booties.
2. So how do you feel about the head scarf, I like it. but I absolutely love the fur cardigan, animal print blouse and sequins skirt. crazy but good mix.

-Daily dose served.

Nothing about her is Blank.

The american rapper and singer that makes the volume turn up.
Finally! we have our own version of the quirky lily allen. This girl goes above and beyond with her catchy and honest lyrics. She gets the party started and knows how to drop a beat.
Buy her latest album: "I Love You" now on iTunes!
Our faves are: Might Like You Better, DJ, and Shame on Me.
sneak preview? check out the daily dose playlist.

-Tune out Daily.

Leather Boy

This seasons hottest way to wrap up is with a leather jacket; brown leather that is.
Hey boys take a look at this.
-Daily lovin.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Music Monday:

released today
"Written in Reverse"
Download it today on itunes.
The Daily dose of Rae opinion: Well its not that its bad, its good cause its spoon. obviously. I sure hope this is signaling a new great album.
-Daily fresh off the press.

Extra Extra

New songs in the playlist
feauturing my new faves: CHESTER FRENCH, Flischerspoon, The Roots, Thieves like us, Annie, and ofcourse Discovery.
-Daily and lovely.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Its back!

Here is your first christmas gift!

the NYLON holiday play list!
Download 27 free songs on itunes! enjoy!

-daily lovin.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Coat it with Charm

So what's up now?
its cold and your looking for a coat,
First stop here for inspiration!

This look is stylin' and obviously warm with the fur lining... not into it?
Pair the sweater underneath a black collared coat, its classic and real.
More old fashion? The heather grey traditional coat says sophisticated and handsome.
Or make it funky with a bright blue down vest? This look is fashion yet grown up.
This look screams indie poet!!
Or keep it off beat with a minor Sherlock inspiration.

Keep warm!
Daily Lovin'

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The IT Band.

The XX
!! This ultra indie band from London, England shakes waves with their original solemn sound.
The group of 20 year olds all causually met at the Elliot School in England and have taken off from there! Recently they were featured on the annual "Hooked on Collette" Cd from the store Collette in Paris.
Take a look at "Crystallised" and "Basic Space" (recently featured on Urban Outfitters Listen #7) on the playlist!
Look out for them and Friendly Fires playing at the Music Box at the Fonda
in L.A November 21st Click here for tickets!
-Daily lovin'

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sister Act

by Sienna and Savannah Miller!
The girls opened their first store in the city of London, England six seasons ago,
and debuted thier first run way show recently in the Paris Fashion week.
I love the line, its the sexy grunge on a sophisticated level.
Basically, each piece is designed beautifully and easily wearable!
Not only is there line so much fun, but thier website creates a sense of personality behind the clothing! check it out here.

Love daily dose of rae!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Hay town vs. Chanel

The Chanel 2010 Spring: Ready to Wear

The man of the hour Karl Lagerfield has done it again with this fabulously fresh fashion show.
He debuted his Spring 2010 Ready to wear collection on October 7th.
Its where Marie Antoinette meets the hay stack. Its still chic and sexy, while down to earth...literally. Enjoy the fanciful show, its one of a kind and absolutely stunning.

-xx Daily Dose.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Art in the Park

Citizen L.A Art Park
When: Tonight October 8th @ 6-12 pm
Where: on main street! in Down Town L.A
Tonight october 8thThe Citizen LA “Downtown Art Park” is a private gated outdoor area on Main Street that represents the anonymous artists of Los Angeles. This event is FREE to the public.
As of april 2009 artists are unallowed to set up on the streets of down town la during the Down Town L.A Art Walk,
Not Citizen L.A Magazine has allowed these artists to shine. Photobucket
10,000 plus people are expected to show up, so enjoy a night of art celebration with food and drink vendors and live performances!
Daily dose

Thursday, October 1, 2009

OTK and fab.

This is a hit or miss and i'm inlove!
Its the over the knee boot that replaces the funky sock and throws in the glam.
Strut your stuff in some fabulous and over the top (literally) boots!
Louis Vuitton did it right in the recent paris fashion week!
Or shop at Neiman Marcus and get it right:
pull it together with a cute bow!
wear it casual!
or keep it sexy with a heel!

Its what ever you like, but its RIGHT! its the fall shoe!
-Daily dose

New is always in the like.

New music in the play list that i'm really quite excited about!
Featuring some indie songs from your favorite bands:
The Black Kids
The Wombats
Amanda Blank
Friendly Fires
& Primal Scream!

Daily Lovin'

Friday, September 25, 2009

Off the Street

These boys are playing the style cards right;
Take a hint from these guys who know how to put fashion and cool hand in hand.
This guy kicks off his look with cool chucks, a denim shirt, straight legged dark jeans and a plain white tee. the dark stunnas add the poetic-esque touch.
This look is over all absolutely perfect. the velvet millitary touched blazer creates a preppy but indie feel to the look. black dress shirt, and khaki trousers. !

Its all happening on daily dose of rae.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Music: Right now.

Right now: LOGAN LYNN
His sound is electro, foot tapping, and fun. Good for any event and gets spirits pumped.
Its a music upper. fave song of the moment is "Feed me to the wolves" which is sold on itunes and totally in my playlist!
"sets his heartfelt confessionals to the sound of blaring synths, driving drum rhythms, and pulsing basslines. Sonically adventurous yet possessing the pop sensibilities that lesser artists would forsake in the name of artsiness, Lynn is set to become the new golden boy of sensitive electro-pop." -URB Magazine
Check him out, worth the while.

-Daily dose sound out.

Men on the runway

Upcoming and Happening.
These are my fave picks from fashion week around the world (as seen on the new york times)
This brings grunge into the right context. slouchy that doesn't include baggy pants, in fact the bottoms are fitted! mix neutral natural colors with cargo and trousers.

Suiting up? this brings pin stripes to a whole new level! more like block stripes. who said you couldn't have fun with a suit?
More neutral colors! and combat booties! grunge with tuxedo vests! and oversized cardigans with trousers!

-xx Daily dose.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Turning inside out.

The leaves are turning around the world and autumn fashion is working back into our closets:
These trendsetters are setting the standards early.
animal prints are the classic chic/wild accessory when used properly.
experimenting with different pieces adds a stunning touch to an outfit.
Colorful tones mix up the autum outfit and bring it to life.

-daily love.