Friday, February 3, 2012

The Cools

Here is an ode to my favorite start up company on the block.
This last fall I interned with the epitome of COOL. The Cools
If your a lover of all things cool from vintage, to fashion, to design, to furniture, architecture, and all those great finds then The Cools has got you covered. Its one the most up and coming, exclusive, and very personalized marketplaces on the inter-web.
Once you get your golden invite, you have access to all kinds of products tailored to your specific taste. How? Well it's based off a totally unique questionaire you complete while signing up.
You can connect with other users with your nifty profile, 'like' products, post images, and even buy&sell your own products! Totally cool right?
Well, while I was interning there I was so kindly given a spotlight on their tumblr page.
Here is the little snippet from my interview! Read the rest of my funky answers HERE.

-Daily insider.

P.S think you are interested in joining? CLICK ME. [You can thank me later.]

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