Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Ultimate Marc Jacobs Junkie!

Obviously, Marc Jacobs is my favorite. And here is what caught my special attention on the 2008 Fall Runway:

Featured by Marc Jacobs, the look inspires you can wear a basic jersey shirt, with an overly glam high rised skirt, (preferably long, its fall) Add bangles and big necklaces... and presto glamo!

Motor cycle jacket turned shortened and patterned, the zips stole me.
Long skirt + blouse= a look.

Mens shirt turned dress, ultimate classic... not seen enough! High boot wide belt... please invest in that look?

I love you cute peti-coat...Pipelining + Floral= Genius!

Dearest majesty, jump into my shopping bag why don't you?

Here are some faves : ) Consider Daily Dosage Served.

1 comment:

debra POLANCO said...

love this dress, and yes wish it would jump in my shopping bag! ha