Monday, October 27, 2008


Easy costumes to make from your own closet!
Everyone knows the package costumes are way over done, who wants to be flamin' fire girl?
Here are some costumes i contemplated on!

  1. Conductor! All Aboard this easy trendy outfit, will leave people laughing! Takes a conductory hat, suspendars, highwaisted shorts, a button up blouse and boots!
  2. Army Girl! Green twill camo skirt! button up blouse (lace?)  camo army hat! fishnets! and combat boots!
  3. Ballerina! AA Leotard, quirky tutu, or ice skater skirt! funky colored tights, and ballet flats!
  4. Futuristic! Tons of sequence and metallic! AA has got the metallic, check out a vintage store for cheesy 80's sequence.
  5. Grandma! Search for an old dress grandma-ish. or vintage stores are easy access to the look.
  6. Beach barbie! Bathing suite and some type of surrang, flower in the hair?
  7. Model! Look in the back of that closet, and get the most extravagant dress in thier, think ballroom. put on the cherry red lipstick and add a misty look to your eyes, and slick back your hair into a chic bun, and voila!
  8. Jungle animal! get out that cheetah crap and flaunt it!
  9. Walk of Shame! haha, its original! wear a cute night gown/ lingerie dress. and throw on some heels, tease the hair and throw on some cute jewlery. or a mens oversived shirt is acceptable.
  10. Around the world! Try to make a cute outfit out of different things in your closet that look ethnic from around the globe.
  11. Nerd! high waisted shorts, colored tights, cons or vans. funky cheesy printed shirt, suspenders, and glasses! add high pigtails for effect!
  12. Spider mistress! Sexy black dress, and intense make up. heels and fishnets!



think of this as daily dose accomplished!

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