Monday, July 21, 2008

Creativity on Mondays

For all you Art Insomniacs here is something fun to do late night,
what you need:
  • some handy scissors
  • Victorian/ or Baroque style frame
  • Your favorite magazine spread
  • Black, white, neon, ect... poster.
So basically we all have our favorite most inspiring magazine layout torn up lying around somewhere, and you wonder "what am i going to do with this, its too good not to be put in my room!"
well here is what I did...
Ive had this collection of artsy yet nature driven photos for quite a while, and not until recently I decided I needed to get them framed. 
So I got a random yet royal silver frame to offset my black and white room, and a black poster board and made a collage out of the photos. To give it the home grown yet not so home made look I ripped the edges, and contrasted the collage with the black and white center piece!
Hope your feelin' just as inspired!