Sunday, July 20, 2008

Valley go-er exclusive,

The Debatable question is, is "Il Tram" still hip or completely played out?
We have all heard of the little neighborhood panini stop on ventura blvd. in sherman oaks,
and have all had our fair share of lunches there; though the question is, how cool is it really to be seen there? Personally I feel everyone knows what it is, and instantly says "its so good!" though, is the hype what makes it so good? i know the first time I went there i was only enthusiastic because of the rave i received from my friends. After frequently visiting the joint for half a year, i realized i feel insecure running into people there, and now i feel as if its lost its cool factor.
So after much research I found the alternative in the heart of studio city. 
Its a lot more underground, and a lot more enjoyable...its the Artisan Cheese Gallery. Weve all driven past it, and never realized they sell sandwiches, salads, and all types of delicious foods there.
!! personally i think its simply the place to crave, its located on ventura blvd. and laurel canyon across from the center where pinkberry is located.! enjoy!
Hope to stir up your appetite!


Anonymous said...

i like cheese artist but i also like ill tram ill go to both.

ummmmwtfokay said...

um artisan cheese gallery's been around for a while. everybody that's anybody has known of it's lusciousness for a little over a year, so you're a little late, kitten.
and also those that started going to il trem when it supposedly becae cool a year and a half ago are posers because only true trendy people started going there since they were kids, considering it opened in 1991. so you shouldn't be embarrassed that you're being seen and known now, you should be embarrassed that you're only known now and not like all the original il trem go-ers that have been going for years.

and technically you shouldn't discriminate considering you just admitted you're a follower too and went because everyone was raving about it