Sunday, July 20, 2008

On the idea of pictures,

So being a browser in facebook, I sprung up with an idea,
I thought that it would be more than suitable to come up with tips to taking the ultimate facebook picture,

  • Someone else is taking the picture/ or the camera is on timer.
  • Body shot/ or an uplclose and personal head shot.
  • Your in the moment, your definitely not posing, unless your at a party or somewhere with a festive background.
  • Never crop someone out.
  • Mac Photobooth pictures, are not ok. they were good when everyone didnt have a macbook. but now that the world is exposed it might as well be the lame excuse for not having a camera.
  • Your allowed to have friends in your picture as long as there isnt more than 1 other person with you.
  • Good lighting matters
  • Level of creativity matters
  • Its ok to use a picture where your not looking at the camera, but atleast look happy/have attitude/ or almost aware there is a picture being taken. Never use a picture where your completely focussed, unless A. its funny, B. The accessories and put together is cute or C.your in a car. (sometimes ok)
  • I think its important to portray who you are, do that exactly.
  • A cool thing to look into is matching the color scheme of your outfit to the surroundings of your picture, this tends to make your picture pop out compared to others people while browsing.
  • Another interesting factor is the effect you use, some examples are fisheye, b&w, polaroid (to some extent,) disposable, ect...
  • If your not going for the happy thing, go for 'TUDE.
Well those are some tips that i could come up with right off the top of my head if you have any ideas feel free so comment away : )
Hope your feelin' your daily dose!


Anonymous said...

facebook tips??? really?

Anonymous said...

i love youuuuu!!!!